Our intelligent lighting is made by American DJ. The lighting does 20 colors, 21 gobo shapes, and strobing all projected onto stepper motor controlled mirrors which makes for a spectacular light show. Our lighting is computer controlled so it does exactly as we want it to do. We us only haze to fill the air for the intelligent lighting, no smoke is ever used during the production. Haze is atomized mineral oil and will not set off smoke alarms or cause breathing problems.

Our Fleet:

(13) American DJ Mighty Scans

(1) Elation Compu Live DMX Controller Software

(2) American DJ Haze Machine

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A word from the Owner:

Thank you for your interest in Socko Productions. Please take your time and browse our informative website, If you have any additional question's about my services or if I can be of any assistance please feel free to call me direct at (570) 975 - 4333.