Here at Socko DJ's we only use high quality, hi-fidelity equipment. We have invested over 60K in our state of the art sound and lighting systems.

From 50 guests to 5000 guests, we have the systems to make your event sound and look perfect! Most DJ's list the power handling of their equipment in peak power, not the continuous (real life power output) of their equipment. Our largest sound system has a continuous power handling of over 10,000 watts.

No A/C Power? No problem! Our sound and lighting systems are designed to be autonomous from the electric grid if no power is available.

We do not use such cheap equipment such as Optimus, Samson, Pyle Pro, Jenson, etc. I have even seen some "DJ's" even attempt to use home or car audio equipment for events over the years! What would happen at your event if a "DJ" shows up with inferior equipment and it sounds horrible or worse yet it quits during the middle of the performance? Distorted sound due to inferior speakers and amps will give you headaches and make your guests uncomfortable.

Remember the old adages: "You get what you pay for!", "Cheaper is not always better!" Ask your DJ about their equipment!

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A word from the Owner:

Thank you for your interest in Socko Productions. Please take your time and browse our informative website, If you have any additional question's about my services or if I can be of any assistance please feel free to call me direct at (570) 975 - 4333.